So, a few months ago I wanted a new hobby, I play a lot of video games in the evenings and well, I do still enjoy it I kind of need something else to do. One day I saw a Bob Ross re-run and my interest was peaked not long after I saw some paintings by Leonid Afremov. My mind was made up. I wanted to paint. I bought a box with oils, acrylics and watercolours and off I went.

I started posting the results on my food blog herbspatch.wordpress.com. However I want to keep that just to food and growing veg. So this new blog will just be my art work. I am trying everything at the moment so there will be pencil, pastel, pen, ink, oil painting, watercolour and some photography. I know I am a way off but I would like to eventually be good enough to maybe sell my pictures and paintings .

I would welcome any comments, constructive criticism, advice.